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Director,                                                                  10th March 2017

Dear Sir/Madam,


Value Added Tax Refunds.
Termination of S-VAT system-with effect from 01.04.2017

As you are already aware (as proposed by the budget 2017) the current S-VAT system is scheduled to be terminated with effect from 01.04.2017 and instead the system of refund will come in to force effective from that date.

Accordingly we are pleased to inform you that the Department has already established separate refunds Units for the implementation of the refund system.

Therefore initially we wish to have certain important information with regard your Company/Entity and therefore kindly requested to help us by submitting the information using the form annexed herewith to be received by us before 31st March 2017.

(Please send these information via e mail :

Thanking you.
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We received an email mentioning above details
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SirChittampalam A GardinerMw,
Colombo -1I2.
Sri Isnta
F-Mail: cgrr@gov,Ik

Dem Sirl Madam,

Notification- SVAT svstem to continue

This has reference to my mail dated 10e March 2017 sent under the caption,
'Yalue Added Tax - Refunds - Termination of SVAT wstem,
As instructed by the Commissioner General of Inland Revenue I wish to inform that the Ministry of
Finance has decided to continue the S VAT svstem until such time the necessary lesislation is in
Therefore please be noted that the current SVAT system will continue to be in force as usual until
further notice.
Further, the information you have submitted in response to my above mail will be reserved for future
While thanking for your timely respond to my above mail I regret for any inconvenience if caused in
this regard.
Thank you,
Large and Mqdium Enterprises refund
J.A. G Mahindarafie
Scaior Commissloncr
Lalge &Mediuot Corporato
B usiness Ent€rprises
Dcpartncnt of loland Rovcnuo
Colombo 02