Need to know NBT & VAT liable and exempt items list

asked Oct 14, 2016 in VAT by Chathuranga (800 points)

Hello there.

I want to know the latest NBT and VAT exempted and liable items. How do I find the latest up to date list? Any help will appriciate. 



commented Dec 30, 2017 by Abdul Rahman
we are import Special commodity foods,  Not Paid to custom Vat or Nbt. Only Paid ESC
So have we Liable to pay NBT ?
May I no what items nbt free at special commodity foods ?

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answered Oct 14, 2016 by Dasun (380 points)
Check out IRD links for NBT & VAT

You can read the Acts with latest amendments

Also check out for any changes made through Gazatte if any
commented Dec 19, 2016 by KDM
Are subcontracts exempted from NBT

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